Positive Corporate Image Leads to a New Height of Sales and Productivity

Published: 06th September 2009
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A corporate image is more than just what you think about your business or organization. It is what people, clients, or prospects think about you based on the way you have projected your company to the public. It is more than just claiming you have a good name. It is how people value your products and services because their expectations have been met. It goes beyond the latest innovations you can boast about your establishment. It is being consistent to your commitment to give only the best to your customers by maintaining the highest standards of handling your business and clients.

As business entrepreneurs we need to understand that people, customers, and prospects are only responders. The way they react or respond to our products or services is only a reflection of what we have given them. If we want them to respond to us positively and buy our products and or services then we must seek to provide customers' satisfaction first before personal gain. The situation can also be likened to a student; his or her grades are dependent on how he or she performs in school. So our corporate image also depends on us, it reflects on who we are and what we are as a business entity. It is what people perceive about us based on what they have seen in us.

As there are many ways to a man's heart, there are also thousands of brilliant ideas, that, when applied, would lead us straight to the hearts of our customers and prospects. But of course, we will not be talking about thousands of insights here because that would bore you as a reader. Let us just discuss about some major keys so you can have the right access to your target audience and build for your company a positive corporate image.

Establishing a clear connection between you and your clients is so important. To many people, it is relationship that matters more than anything else. Creating a feeling that somehow we have something in common with our customers and that we care for them because they are special to us is crucial to our image as a company. We need to be as friendly as possible and assure them that we are on their side. Well, in order to make this possible, we need to set up an open line of communication by way of correspondence. Every corporate letter or news sent to customers is an investment. It would create an impression that we value them as customers. And somehow they would seek to return the same treatment by patronizing our brand.

Correspondence can be in the form of a newsletter where you can update your clients regarding some important events that are of interest to them. This can be about the community service your company has just sponsored such as medical and dental missions, costal cleanup, sports clinic, and others. This may also include some announcements of the future events your company is going to spearhead. Using this tool as your way of staying connected to them can boost your corporate image that could eventually bring your company to a new height of sales and productivity.

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